For the music lover in me…

Growing up, I have never really made a point to attend concerts or music festivals. The very first time I watched mainstream artists perform in concert was Eminem and Jay-z on September 2010 at Yankee Stadium. It was while rocking out to Jay-z perform ‘Empire State of Mind’ that I realized how much I have been missing out! It was then I understood why so many people shell hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars to watch their favorite performers. A little over a year later, on November 2011, I watched Jay-z (again) and Kanye’s “Watch the Throne” concert in Atlantic City. The energy and the connection you feel while surrounded by thousands of people was exhilarating. I had to have more of that feeling, so I went on a hunt for artists that I wanted to see perform live and I could afford.

Key word being “afford” … so followed… LMFAO and Far East Movement (like a G-6 baby!) at the Prudential Center on July 2012. Then Fall Out Boy at the Skate and Surf Festival on May 2013 at Six Flags Great Adventure. American Authors, Misterwives and The Royal Concept tour in New York City also in 2013. (Oh yes, all three concerts were affordable… don’t judge my taste in music, I’m not judging yours!)

I still remember how uncomfortable I felt shelling out close to $300 a ticket for not-so good seats on “Watch the Throne”. I kept thinking that for the same cost, I could have stayed for 2 nights in a decent hotel in Europe. Perhaps frequent concert goers in the U.S. are inured to the high cost of seeing their favorite artists play. After all to see the likes of Adele, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, etcetera – one would have to spend anywhere between $250-$500 per ticket (or more) for mid-range seats.

Therefore, one of the unexpected perks of moving to Krakow was the affordability of watching some of the big-name artists perform live especially when compared to the prices in New York/New Jersey. Granted the number of big-name artist that perform in Poland is not as prevalent as the U.S. – although since I have been here, plenty of international artists have graced the Poland stage. To name a few: Maroon5, Rihanna, Coldplay, Aerosmith, Muse, Sia, Chemical Brothers, Green Day, Bruno Mars, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, and Whiz Kalifa (to my eternal regret.. I was never able to get tickets for Aerosmith or Coldplay!).

Aside from Poland, you also have the opportunity to attend various music festivals in Europe. For instance, we flew to Amsterdam for the AMF Festival and partied my heart out to Tiesto, Hardwell, David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Axwell Ingrosso, etc.  And New Year’s Eve was spent at the NYF Dublin Countdown Concert listening to Ireland’s own Walking on Cars.

Prices for concert tickets vary, but on average I’ve paid between 300zł to 400zł for a really good seat that I would have never thought to afford back in New York/New Jersey. (FX rates for the past year have ranged from 1zł =$0.23 to $0.28). However, the secondary market ticket prices can go extremely high especially for famous artists like Coldplay, and they don’t really have access to a reputable online ticket exchange provider like Stubhub. I was warned by some Polish friends to avoid going to the secondary market as you can’t really trust what you’ll get. Which leaves me in a bind since the Ed Sheeran concert this coming August is completely sold out!

And to end today’s post, I’ve included below some (shoddy 🙁) videos I’ve managed to shoot on my iPhone. Remember life was meant for adventures, so just go for it whenever you can! Till the next time!

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