And another year will soon come to pass…

It has been almost a year since my last post.  In fact, I had given up on blogging since I have only ever posted 4 times since I started in 2016.  At first, my reason for not posting was every time I started writing, I would get distracted and never finish.  After weeks and months passed, not blogging can only be attributed to plain laziness on my part.

So what made me write again, you ask?

I recently had a conversation with a very good friend about her long term goals, and one goal is to own a business within the travel industry.  With this goal in mind, my friend mentioned that she wanted to start a blog so she can build a following to help her break into the travel industry and help with future marketing.

That conversation, coupled with a seminar I attended at work led by a well-known life coach who spoke about steps one can take to start thriving instead of just surviving – made me think about my own long term goals and how I’ve been telling myself for some time now that if I ever made a career move, it would be related to my love of travel.

Hence, here I am again, trying to make a go of this blog.

It’s been a busy 2017 and I was fortunate to have been able to do a lot of traveling.  The year started with a trip to Chamonix, France followed by Carnivale in Venice & Valentine’s in Verona. There was also weekend skiing in Slovakia, and long weekends in Oslo, Stockholm, Budapest, Prague. The big trip this year was traveling through Namibia, Africa in April, which I immediately followed with a long weekend in Tuscany! I also spent a few days in Brussels, Bruges, Paris, and Normandy; and spent almost one week in Malta.

Oh yes… all those wasted opportunities to blog and share about my travel adventures. I only have myself to blame 😳

Therefore, if I can, I will highlight some of the more memorable experiences in my future posts. For the meantime I will leave you with some photos from my 2017 adventures.

Namibia, Africa


Normandy, France

Venice, Italy (opening weekend of Carnivale)

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