Welcome to the blog life…

Finally pulled the trigger and started a blog! I hear you… here we are, another blog in an ocean of travel and food blog sites, writing about the same cities, restaurants, and food.  So let me make my intentions clear – my main goal is to make money so I can blog full time and quit my day job… just kidding!

Over the last 10 years, we’ve traveled to different cities all around the world and I have always regretted not writing down our adventures to share with family and friends.  That stops today! New Year – New You! Especially since we’ve been given the opportunity to live in Europe starting this Spring 2016!

As much as I want to take each one of you with us (I promise I will when my Megamillion or Powerball lotto nos. hit), I hope to be able to impart through this blog all the fun, some of the stress, and lessons learned living as an “expat” in Kraków, Poland.

So yes! This blog will be full of eating, traveling and some of the in-between stories accompanied with lots of pictures and video clips from our GroPro (that is if we can ever figure out how to edit!). I hope you’ll enjoy it!




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